It thrilled us when Jenn Campo, owner of The Simple Sort requested a spot as a guest blogger. Jenn founded her company in 2017 and quickly found success. When she offered to share some strategies she used to level up her organizing business, we were all ears! Read all about it below.

Have big dreams for your little business? Here are three simple ways to level up your organizing business!

Level Up Your Organizing Business

I remember when I first discovered professional organizing. As a skill that came so naturally to me, I never imagined I could get paid to do something that I loved! “Pinch me! Someone will PAY me to organize their stuff?!” Maybe you had a similar thought before you started your professional organizing business.

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I pinch myself every day when I think about what I get to do and how my business has really been such a dream. Not only do I get to wake up every day and do work that inspires and energizes me, but it has truly created a dream life for myself and my family.

I have built a business that enables me to pick up my kids from school every day, take time off to travel throughout the year, pick the parts of the business that I want to do and delegate the rest, and inspire others to do the same. If you, too, have found a passion for professional organizing and want to expand your side hustle or small professional organizing business to the next level, I want to share some ways to level up. 

#1. Grow your team.

When I started my organizing business in 2017, it was just me working day after day with clients, sometimes for months, to complete a project. I loved the work, but it was draining me, fast. As much as I love organizing, it can be physically and mentally exhausting.

I realized I needed to grow my team.

Hiring a team is one way to level up your organizing business.

Today I have a team of 12, including a social media manager and an operations manager, to help me stay on track and provide a high level of service to our clients. If you have been thinking about growing your team, here are a few things I suggest before getting started:

  • Set up stellar systems and automations to make it easy to pass onto team members. Here are a few systems I love:
    • Dubsado (CRM)
    • Mailerlite (email marketing)
    • Sortly (inventory management)
    • Later (social media scheduling)
  • Get clear on your vision for your business so you add the right people to your team
  • Get professional guidance 
    • Attorneys to review contracts
    • Accountant to help you with accounting/pay
    • Business coach to help guide you and keep you on track
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#2 Expand your service offerings.

I have witnessed so much talent within the professional organizing industry. Many organizers I know have grown outside of just organizing to offer other services that relate to enhance the organizing service. If you have perfected your primary service, consider adding additional service offerings.

I caution you not to add more than one offering at a time.

Offering services in addition to organizing is another way to expand your organizing business.

Here are some ideas on other services you can add that will complement your professional organizing business:

  • Housekeeping
  • Concierge
  • Unpacking/move management
  • Home staging
  • Coaching (health, life, business)
  • Affiliate marketing
  • Event planning
  • Personal/ virtual assistant
  • Meal planning

Don’t feel the need to add these services to your website right away, or ever, but think about those you’re drawn to — could you offer them to your clients?

#3 Expand outside of your regular service area or travel.

If you have nailed your current market and want to expand your business, it may be very lucrative to add another location or consider traveling for projects. Once you have the systems and teams in place, it is simple to expand. If you get inquiries for your services in nearby areas, consider adding another location. 

Expanding your service area is another great way to grow your organizing business.

Are you ready to level up your organizing business?

I have implemented all 3 of these strategies in my business, and it has grown tremendously.

Today I have a team of 12 organizers, 2 locations, and we are about to open a studio space in a busy downtown location. I went from a few clients in my first year to making over 6 figures while working about 30 hours a week. I pick the parts of the business I want and don’t want to do.

I know it is possible for you, too. The professional organizing industry is growing faster than ever and there are people out there who need your skills and expertise. 

Go get them!

Jenn Campo, professional organizer and owner of The Simple Sort based in Colorado, shares three simple ways to level up your organizing business.

About the Author: Jenn Campo

Jenn Campo launched her organizing business, The Simple Sort, in 2018 and found so much success she quickly built a team. While The Simple Sort team is based in Colorado, Jenn also offers coaching services to other professional organizers. As a mom of three, Jenn knows how to organize for busy families. Follow Jenn on Instagram @thesimplesort and watch her work her magic.

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