You’ve seen the shows, you follow the Instagram accounts, you reorganize your closets when you’re feeling stressed… Maybe your hobby of organizing should be more than a hobby. Here are 9 signs you should be a professional organizer.

9 signs you should be a professional organizer

Signs You Should Be a Professional Organizer

1. You love to organize.

Many people don’t mind organizing, but you actually really enjoy it. As in, when you’ve had a frustrating day and nothing seems to go right, you rip apart drawers and reorganizing the pantry.

Organizing gives you a concrete task to focus on until the stresses of everyday life fade a bit into the background.

If organizing is a hobby of yours, you might want to consider becoming a professional organizer.

2. You appreciate an organized space.

Seeing organization out in the wild — coffee cups lined up perfectly in a coffee shop, perfect little bins in the dentist’s office, or a garden center with lovely labels — makes you pause and smile.

You don’t need to be the one to create an organized space to appreciate it.

Things organized neatly are your jam.

3. You can see the potential of a space.

When you see a space, you see past the chaos, the clutter, and the old paint job and see the potential the space has. You dream about installing a few shelves or a cabinet. You see baskets and jars instead of packaging. You see systems instead of disarray.

4. You are a problem solver.

If there’s a problem, yo, you’ll solve it. Or, at least you’ll try your best to make it better. When you see an issue, you don’t just sigh and say, “That’s too bad.” You step up and try to help.

Sometimes you solve those problems and sometimes you don’t, but regardless, you take action.

If you're a problem solver who's not easily overwhelmed, you may want to think about being a professional organizer.

5. You’re flexible.

You’re good at creating plans and solving problems, but if your solutions don’t work out, you’re able to pivot and try something else. Being flexible is key to being a professional organizer because rarely do your organizational plans work out exactly as you, well, planned. And that’s okay. Because you’re flexible. 6.

6. You’re detail oriented.

Whether you’re organizing a space or putting together an outfit, you don’t miss a detail. Some might call you picky, but you’re not — you just want it to be right.

Details matter when you’re organizing. You need to see all the things and find a spot for them that makes sense.

7. You’re not easily overwhelmed.

Sure, you get a little overwhelmed when you make a big mess and you look around in the midst of it all, but you don’t let that stop you. You know things get worse before they get better, so you take a deep breath and keep going.

8. You’re efficient.

You think things out, you make a plan, and you execute. When problems come up, you figure them out logically and practically. Being a professional organizer means being efficient — otherwise you’re wasting your client’s time, space, and money.

Whether you have a big budget or no budget at all, you know you can improve a space.

9. You can work on a budget.

You know when to splurge and when to save. You can go high end, but you’re also good on a shoestring budget — or no budget at all. You can make a space work regardless because you know that organization isn’t about how much you spend, it’s about what you do with the stuff in the space.

Signs You Should be a Professional Organizer

It takes a special kind of somebody to be a professional organizer. It’s not as glamorous as it appears on Instagram or television, but it’s so satisfying and fun. It can also be scary to take that leap!

Luckily, Organizers Connect is here to guide you through the process and help you along the way. Check out our resources for professional organizers here and be sure to follow us on Instagram for encouragement!

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