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What is Organizers Connect?

By supporting one another and helping each other grow, we make the world a better place. Organizers Connect is a multi-faceted business that helps professional organizers start their career or find a clearer path.

Organizers Connect Mentorship program offers live calls, online groups and chats where members learn the ropes of starting a business and find support and friendship along the way.

Our live course, “connect classes”, webinars, and printable resources will help you gain confidence and provide you with a clear path for your business. We provide direction and guidance so you can find success in your professional organizing career.

how to start a professional organizing business
Organizers Connect teaches you how to start a professional organizing business

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What Members are Saying

“For me, this course was life changing. It gave me so many of the essential tools I needed to start my business with confidence. I can’t thank Krystee and Melissa enough for their support – not only are they very knowledgeable, but they are kind, inspirational and lovely people. Thank you for everything”
Live Course Participant
Winter 2021
“Melissa and Krystee are awesome at what they do. I have gained a wealth of information from them on every aspect of starting a business. They are absolutely top-notch. Highly recommend.”
Live Course Particpant
Fall 2020

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Krystee and Melissa, founders of Organizers Connect, are women, mothers, and professional organizers. As new organizers, they found support and guidance with one another and want to give you the same experience.

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