Reaching out to your local competition can intimate anyone, especially when you’ve just started your Professional Organizing business. Why would you want to make friends with the enemy? But here’s the thing… they aren’t your enemy! Odds are they’ll make great friends! Take it from us, having professional organizer friends is invaluable to your business!

Go get yourself some professional organizer friends!

Benefits of Making Professional Organizer Friends

Celebrate Victories

Being a professional organizer — especially if you work on your own — can be lonely! You spend hours working alone; you leave your job thrilled with your work, but no one in your life quite understands your excitement. But professional organizer friends will!

Professional organizer friends support you like no other.

Understand Complaints

What about the opposite? What if everything goes wrong and your client was mean and you forgot supplies and you need to vent and complain and cry a little? PO friends will have your back and be able to commiserate like no one else. Share Ideas

Wondering how to organize a tricky cupboard you haven’t tackled before? Need to vent about a difficult client? Having a bad day in social media comparing yourself? Have a follower leave a nasty comment on your reel? A trusted friend can really help you with these questions and give support, especially when you ‘re having a pit of day!

Being an entrepreneur can leave with you with questions and sometimes doubting yourself. Professional organizer friends are the perfect people to help you brainstorm and build you up when you’re feeling down.

Work Together

Big jobs can overwhelm if you’re working on your own. Having local backup to collaborate with is both fun and efficient.

The opposite is also true. If you’re just starting out and your organizer friend has a booked calendar, you can lend a hand, get some experience, and make a few bucks!

How to Make Professional Organizer Friends

You probably learned to make friends in kindergarten, but that wasn’t over social media, was it?

We suggest reaching out via Instagram or Facebook. Yes, we always advise that we don’t spam or slide into someone’s DM’s asking for business or follows, but this is friendship, so there are different rules!

A great way to make professional organizer friends is through social media.

Find a professional organizer you can relate to. It won’t be hard. Start by following them on IG and introducing yourself. Here’s an introduction suggestion:

“Hi _______, I have just started a professional organizing business and I love your page! You inspire me, your Instagram is on point! I believe in women supporting each other and lifting each other up. I would love to meet you for coffee if you are open to it! I think it would benefit each of us if we have a large project and need an extra set of hands! #communityovercompetition”

Often most people are open to the idea of a new friend, so don’t let doubts of others not reciprocating hold you back. Have an open dialogue just as you would at a party — but don’t pick their brain or ask for free business advice or they’ll feel you’re using them.

Ask about their family, if they have any pets, where they like to travel, or how they got into the organizing business. Odds are you’ll have a lot in common and conversation will flow.

Making New Friends

Don’t hold yourself back from meeting new people and making new friends—you never know what can come out of that friendship! Melissa & Krystee became fast friends on Instagram and now run Organizers Connect together. You never know where a new friendship might take you!

Go get yourself some professional organizer friends!

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