Are you a professional organizer (in theory) but don’t currently have any clients to show for it? That’s okay. We find that being booked up comes and goes in waves, especially when you’re just starting out. Luckily, there’s a lot of back-end business tasks you can do. Here are 24 (+ 1) tasks to do when you’re a professional organizer with no clients.

No organizing clients? No problem! Complete these tasks while you wait for the phone to ring.

Tasks To Try When You Have No Clients

  1. Set up social media profiles.
  2. Plan out social media content.
  3. Schedule Instagram posts.
  4. Watch some Reels and save your favorite audios.
  5. Batch Reels or TikToks. Here are some topic suggestions for professional organizers.
  6. Organize your own home.
  7. Connect with other local organizers. Maybe they’ll hire you as a subcontractor when things are slow.
  8. Connect with local small (non-organizing) businesses on social media.
  9. Take pictures of your own organization.
  10. Start a blog.
  11. Research organizing methods and materials.
  12. Email past clients and remind them of your services and referral program.
  13. Make some printables for clients and followers.
  14. Read a book on organizing, decluttering, or minimalism. Here are some suggestions.
  15. Start a LinkedIn profile.
  16. List yourself and your business on free databases.
  17. Join local small business Facebook groups.
  18. Stock and organize your Organizer’s Workbag.
  19. Research hashtags. #itsathing
  20. Take a free business class. SCORE is a great free resource.
  21. Volunteer your services to local charity organizations.
  22. Organize for friends and family.
  23. Walk through organizing sections of local stores.
  24. Scroll Pinterest for organizing inspiration.

Or… just chill and enjoy the downtime while it lasts!

So, don’t tell us you can’t do anything for your business if you don’t currently have any clients… we don’t want to hear it! There’s a ton you can do and most, if not all, of these tasks are FREE ways to help your business grow and succeed.

There will be slow times, and there will be busy times when you’re a professional organizer. A lot depends on the season, the time of year, and the market. Just keep swimming and you’ll be just fine!

Would you add anything to do this list? Share it below, we’d love to hear it!

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