Here at Organizers Connect, we truly believe in community over competition. We show it by supporting and educating others in the field and giving other voices a chance to be heard on our channels. Besides sharing guest posts on our blog, we’re sharing our Instagram account @organizersconnect.

If you’re a professional organizer and want to offer inspiration and ideas to other professional organizers or potential professional organizers, we’d love to hear from you! Fill out the application below and, if you are selected, we will be in touch!

Instagram Takeover Requirements:

  • You must have an active Instagram account and be familiar with how the application works.
  • You will have 24 hours to share within our account.
  • Share about your day, your business, or your life in stories or LIVE as long as it pertains to the field of professional organizing. When your day is complete, we will create a highlight bubble for your day.
  • Provide us with a picture and a brief bio we can share on our feed before your takeover day.
  • Be responsible and respectful during the takeover.

Interested? Apply now!