So you’re a professional organizer and business is going well, but you’re realizing that unless you’re on the clock working for a client, you’re not getting paid. That means no paid sick or vacation days. It also means if you’re in a slump, your account gets a bit thin. Luckily, there are many ways professional organizers can make money. You need some alternative streams of income.

There are so many different ways professional organizers can make money. Here are some alternative streams of income for organizers.

You may have heard the statement that millionaires have an average of 7 streams of income. While that number may not be true, it’s definitely smart to have multiple streams of income. So, what does that look like for professional organizers?

It means you shouldn’t put all your eggs in one basket! You need to spread things out a bit and invest time in creating ways you can make money (even in your sleep).

Professional Organizer Streams of Income

Alternative streams of income, whether passive or active, are great ways to add a bit more cash to that bank account. Here are some income streams to consider.

Earned Organizing Income

This is most likely your largest stream of income — which is fantastic! Put some of this income aside to invest in some of other streams of income!

As a professional organizer, in-home organizing services will probably be a large portion of your income.

If your professional organizing business is a one man (or woman) show, it might be time to hire some help and level up your business (and earning potential).

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Label Sales

If you have the know-how and supplies to create labels, consider selling them so others get organized with your look and style as another alternative stream of income. You can post them on your website or list them on Etsy.

If you've got the tools, one alternative stream of income for a professional organizer is to make and sell labels.

This is a great option for making additional income, but it’s one that’s time consuming. Consider selling labels if you’ve got extra time on your hands!

Printable Sales

Creating PDF printables to help others get organized is another great option. While printables take time upfront, once you list them on your website or Etsy, customers can purchase and automatically download files, requiring no additional time on your part.

PDF printables is a great way to earn extra income as a professional organizer.

Consider writing an ebook on organizing, organizational sheets, planners, meal planning pages, or whatever topic you’re interested in that you think customers would purchase.

Online Memberships

Today’s technology has made creating a membership program easier than ever before. The idea behind a membership is that people agree to pay you a monthly fee and, in return, you provide them with monthly resources, zoom meetings, conversations… whatever!

Professional organizers can make money selling memberships.

There are so many benefits to online memberships. First, clients can be anywhere in the world, not just close enough for you to drive. Second, you can record your digital content and allow clients to view it whenever they have the time, making it even more accessible than most content.

This type of income stream can be passive or active, depending on how you structure it.

Paid Collaborations

If you’re on Instagram, you’ve likely considered collaborating with brands — and getting paid to do it. How much you make will depend on the size of your following and engagement your Instagram account gets.

Paid brand collaborations with companies is a great way for alternative streams of income for professional organizers.

So how do you go about it? Opt for an accessible company and start building a relationship. Use their products, tag them, comment on posts and stories. When you’ve done that for a few months, reach out in DMs and ask for an email address and switch communication methods.

Before working with you, they may ask for a media kit. Have it prepared so you can send it out quickly.

Grab Our Media Kit Template Here


Are you an organizer that wants to help other organizers start a business? Offer mentorship services. There’s a lot to learn about running a business and you — as a small business owner — are a great resource.

Looking for alternative streams of income as a professional organizer? Mentoring new professional organizers is one great way!

This is another active stream of income, but it’s one you can do in your pajama pants, so it’s a great option!

Blog Income

If you enjoy writing, consider starting a blog. If you learn enough about blogging and build up enough web traffic, you can earn passive income from placing ads and affiliate links on your website.

Blogging can be a wonderful alternative stream of income for professional organizers.

Blogs are also a great way to sell your printables and provide a fantastic option for paid collaborations. Building a blog is a big time investment up front (perfect for when your business is just getting started and things are slow) but has the potential to be a big source of passive income.

Affiliate Marketing

If you’re on social media, you’ve seen influencers share links to products. What many people may not realize is they can earn commission from those links. Don’t get me wrong — you’re earning pennies for each item — but pennies can add up.

Affiliate links can be a strong source of alternative income.

A word of warning: be sincere when recommending products. Remember that you have a relationship with your followers. They trust you. Don’t betray their trust by endorsing crappy items so you can make a few cents.

Product Sales

Do you have a great idea for a product that’s different from anything that’s on the market? Make it!

Designing, creating, and selling products can be a great source of income for professional looking for different ways to make money.

Is that a lot of work? Yes. Is that a lot of time and energy? Also yes. But it’s fun and exciting and could be worth your while! Literally every product you see in The Container Store had to start somewhere, why not start with you?


Who doesn’t love a good webinar? If you have something to say that you want to last longer than Instagram but you don’t want to get on YouTube, you might need to create a webinar!

If you've got something valuable to say as a professional organizer, create a webinar!

There are many online options, such as teachable, that make recording a webinar and uploading resources simple.

Krystee and Melissa have created a webinar to help new professional organizers to become established. You can create one on anything you’re passionate about.

This is another income stream that takes some time up front, but then it’s passive after that.

Template Creation

Do you have a knack for graphic design and have a Canva account? Then the world is your oyster.

Looking for alternative streams of income as a professional organizer? Consider creating templates for other professionals.

You can create Canva templates and sell them to other creators so they can customize your designs and post them on social media or wherever else.

This is a passive source of income after your initial investment.

Article Submission

If you like writing but don’t love the idea of a blog, consider submitting articles to other publications. The pay can be decent and it can provide you with some marketing for your business. Write about topics that interest you, can help others, and that you’re passionate about.

Writing articles for other publications is a great way to earn money as a professional organizer.

Which Alternative Stream of Income is Right For You?

So how do you decide which alternative stream of income you’re going to start with?

Start with the one that interests you the most and that you’re the most confident about — it’s bound to be the most successful!

Forcing yourself to create products and services you aren’t interested in is a recipe for disaster and a surefire way to burn yourself out.

Alternative Streams of Income for Professional Organizers

As a professional organizer, it’s important to diversify your brand with alternative streams of income. I’m sure we don’ have to remind you about how so many were forced to “pivot” in the spring of 2020. By having a variety of sources of income, you’re less likely to feel stressed by those bumps in the road that are bound to come.

There are so many different ways professional organizers can make money. Here are some alternative streams of income for organizers.

Which one will you try first?

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