Anyone else loving podcasts these days? Whether you’re listening to them for entertainment or education, using podcasts to multitask is efficient and effective. We listen to them while we’re working out, cleaning our homes, driving, or working in a client’s home (if they’re not home). This list contains our top picks for podcasts for professional organizers.

Podcasts for professional organizers.
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Wait, what are Podcasts?

Are you lost? Not sure what a podcast is? Let’s back up a sec.

A podcast is basically a radio show, just not on the radio.

It’s a series of audio episodes, usually focused on a specific topic or theme. You can download a podcast app — most are free — and scroll through different podcasts based on topics and titles (source). You can listen to it on demand directly from the app — there’s no need to tune in at a specific day or time. Subscribe to your favorites and get notified when new episodes drop.

podcasts for professional organizers
Podcasts are the perfect use of time on a long commute.

Podcasts are especially convenient because you can listen to them wherever you are as long as you have your phone. Having a set of bluetooth earbuds makes it especially convenient. I have these.

Now that we’ve cleared that up, let’s move on to our list of best podcasts for professional organizers.

Podcasts for Professional Organizers: Our Top Picks

ProOrganizer Studio

Podcasts for professional organizers: Pro Organizer Studio

Pro Organizer Studio was founded by Jen Obermeier, a former professional organizer turned career coach. Jen uses her professional organizing background to provide insight to professional organizers just starting out or looking for a boost in business.

The ProOrganizer Studio Podcast has around 80 episodes that focus on various topics from finding clients to creating a website. Listen here.

One Crazy Journey

Podcasts for professional organizers: One Crazy Journey

One Crazy Journey is a podcast produced by Margaret and Stetson of Everything Envy (formerly known as The Clutter Bees). Four years into running their business, they paused, switched focus, and rebranded — and they use their podcast to explain their journey.

Podcasts often feature business advice, as well as interviews with others that professionals.

There are about 60 podcasts so far with new episodes being released every Monday. Listen here.

Organize 365 Podcast

Podcasts for professional organizers: Organize 365

This podcast isn’t aimed at professional organizers, but it is full of organizational goodness that’s sure to inspire and remind you of why you do what you do. The Organize 365 Podcast is hosted by Lisa Woodruff, a professional organizer and motivational speaker.

If you’re already organized (which we hope you are if you’re doing this professionally), this is a great refresher and will take you back to basics. My favorite feature of the website? The ability to search for podcasts by how they’re tagged, such as mindset and productivity.

With 450 episodes and counting, this podcast will keep you busy for days. Listen here.

Creativ Rise

Podcasts for professional organizers: Creativ Rise

The Creativ Rise Podcast is a bit different than others listed here because it’s not aimed at professional organizers nor does it inspire you to organize. We’ve included it on this list because it’s quite useful for small business owners, especially “creatives” as the hosts often say. While professional organizing may not be entirely creative, we think the information in the podcast is relevant.

Hosted by Joey, a brand strategist, photographer, and filmmaker, and Christy, a wedding and brand photographer, these successful entrepreneurs have mastered the phrase “work hard/play hard” and encourage you to do the same through their informative and motivational episodes.

With about 40 episodes and counting, this podcast won’t disappoint. Listen here.

Simple Organization Solutions Podcast

Finally, we’d be remiss if we didn’t mention the SOS Podcast. Sonya, a blogger, professional organizer AND Organizers Connect Member hosts this podcast. Sonya’s sort and sweet podcasts (our favorite kind!) cover topics from decluttering to virtual organizing. Plus, she has some great guest speakers on her show (cough, cough, Krystee from Sparx Organizing).

Sonya’s currently got 14 episodes but there are more on the way, so tune in! Listen here.

Our Favorite Podcasts for Professional Organizers

Those are some of our favorite podcasts for (and by) professional organizers. We’ll update this list as we find others we love. If you’ve got a favorite we didn’t include, we’d love to hear about it! Leave a comment below and let us know!

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