It’s time for another fantastic guest post from another fantastic professional organizer! Madison Mercurio, owner of professional organizing company The Madness Method contacted us wanting to write about empowering others to organize on their own. Here’s how Madison is helping others.

Empowering others to organize can be even more rewarding than organizing for others.

It’s no secret that professional organizing as a concept and a business is fairly new. With the popularity of social media platforms and organizing related-shows, the fad and interest in this service has caught like wildfire among those around us. Mix this with a pandemic that locked everyone in their homes for quite some time looking intently at their mental and physical spaces, and we’ve got a buzz strong enough to give many organizers a chance to be their own boss while living out their dreams every day. While this has all helped us grow, this work is traditionally taxing and unpredictable. 

Traditional Organizing Clients

Most professional organizers’ stories are the same: we grew up organizing our bedrooms, cleaning up our friends’ closets because we just couldn’t help ourselves, or even monetizing it at a young age. Another consistency across the origin stories is the passion for helping others find peace and calm within their spaces! 

It can be surprising to think not everyone grows up like that, but that’s where our profession comes in. The traditional business model for professional organizers is a disorganized person seeks help, and an organizer comes in and physically takes care of business! In most cases, the person seeking help lacks time, motivation, and knowledge.

What About the Others?

There’s also a demographic of individuals who possess the time and motivation, but not the ‘know-how’ or the extra income. Others may live outside of your service area.

And it’s always smart to consider the financial implications of your business if the economy takes a turn and clients spend less on luxury items and services.

Diversifying your brand, services, and income can help with these aspects.

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Empowering Others to Organize

Most of the people professional organizers encounter through social media can not spend money on an expensive service like professional organizing. Even more often, many people enjoy DIY-ing their way through their organizing journey. It’s rewarding and may lead to better results.

So how can organizers put the organizing skills, tactics, and products in the hands of people that want to do it themselves? How can we help change the mindset of those who have struggled to start on their own? 

Providing in-home organizing services to clients (which helps you grow personally and professionally as an organizer) is wonderful, but it’s also smart to take a different approach in how you market your business.

Empowering your audience to become organizing pros on their own, giving them the power to clean up their space as they see fit, as well as avoid collecting clutter that leads to a much bigger problem down the line, is so important. Not only does this endeavor help people gain the tactical skills to get started, but also a rewiring of thought processes to create positive/long lasting habits.

But how?

Inspire and empower others to organize so they can achieve their dreams.

Empowering Others Through Virtual Organizing

Virtual organizing sessions to allow my clients to complete their projects independently, but with some guidance and vision. Virtual organizing takes place through a video call in a few different sessions. It can tackle a space, a habit, or other skills.

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Empowering Others to Organize Through Social Media

Curating content to be informative can be so much more effective than selling services to a small demographic.

What does this look like?

Sharing information like tutorials and how-to’s. Educating instead of showing off your work. Or showing off your work BUT adding an educational component.

Empowering Others to Organize Through Educational Resources

Creating educational guides and handbooks that teach different aspects of organization such as decluttering, grouping, containing, and the many other aspects come together to make lifestyle changes.

Offering coaching programs that get deep and affect the mindsets and lifestyles of those who seek it out can also be an effective service for those who wish to take a more active role in living an organized life.

Empowering Others To Organize

For each organizer looking to level up their business, widen their service offerings, pivot into something that excites them more, or simply just reach a greater audience – consider these ideas! In-home organizing is a small piece of the pie.

Madison Mercurio, founder of The Madness Method, uses her love of organization to bring both physical and mental peace into the spaces of those that she touches.

About the Author: Madison Mercurio

Madison Mercurio, founder of The Madness Method, has been organizing as long as she can remember. She now uses her love of organization to bring both physical and mental peace into the spaces of those that she touches – whether that be through education and assistance, or in person. Madison lives in the San Diego, California area. Follow her on social media to get empowered and see how she’s finding her audience.

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