Connect, Two-on-One

Our Organizers Connect LIVE course and webinar are both wonderful resources for new and established professional organizers looking to invest in their business, but sometimes you might have questions or roadblocks specific to your business. Our two-on-one mentoring calls can help!

Becoming a professional organizer can be intimidating. Schedule a two-on-one call with experienced organizers and get all your questions answered!

Schedule a two-on-one mentorship call with Melissa and Krystee!

Each call is different based on your specific needs, interests, and situation, no topic is off the table. This service is perfect on its own, but it’s even more effective when combined Organizers Connect LIVE or the Organizers Connect webinar — in fact, we offer a special 25% discount for prior or current course members!

Simply fill out the form below and Krystee and Melissa will reach out to get your call scheduled.

Fill out the form below! Melissa and Krystee will contact you to schedule your session.
Fine Print for the Two-on-One Call

After submitting this form Melissa and Krystee will contact you through email to set up a time and date for your call(s). When a date and time are agreed upon, they will provide an invoice and a Zoom link. The invoice will need to be paid 72 hours in advance to keep your scheduled day and time. If the invoice remains unpaid, they will cancel the call.