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You’ve grown your website and social media account and now you’re ready to collaborate with companies — but how??

The first step is to put together a Media Kit for your business.

What is a Media Kit?

A media kit is a promotional pamphlet to provide information to companies about your business — so they know you’re worth investing in and working with!

Media kits should include information about you, your company, your following, website analytics, and other key demographics. 

Why Do You Need a Media Kit?

Honestly—you might not! If you’re not interested in paid collaborations, sponsored work, or being featured in other places, don’t invest time and energy into creating a media kit!

However, if working with brands is a goal, having a finished, professional media kit is a great way for companies to know you’re serious. Companies often ask for a media kit before entering paid work, so it pays to be prepared. 


How This Media Kit Template Can Help You

This media kit template can help ensure your media kit is professional and thorough. It guides you through creating a finished product that will be an amazing representation of you and your company—and it speeds up the process! We’ve created spaces for you to add all your own information, so you can be sure you won’t leave any important details out.

Simply plug in your own info and images, download the file to your computer, and send it out. Update it as often as needed – the file is yours forever.


About This Product


This product is a template and a guide to help you create your own personalized product.

This template contains 2 beautifully formatted pages jam packed with information about your business. It’s simultaneously thorough and succinct.

The template includes titles, stock images, and recommended details for you to personalize, plus tips, best practices, and recommendations.

It does not include personalized information relevant to your professional organizing business — that’s what you need to do!

Pages may added (duplicated to keep the formatting), deleted, or rearranged. There is no limit on how often the file is updated, changed, or downloaded.

This media kit template will only work within the design program Canva. If you do not currently have a Canva account, open a free standard Canva account to change this template. 


Purchase Instructions

Once you purchase this item, you will automatically have access to a PDF document that contains instructions, a link to the template, and a checklist of modifications we recommend.

If you do not receive an email within one hour of purchase, please contact us at [email protected]

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Upgrading to CanvaPro is unnecessary to use our template, however, Pro has additional font and stock photo options. You can upgrade to CanvaPro using this affiliate link.

Refund Policy

Because of the digital nature of this product, we do not provide refunds.


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