Social media got you down? It can feel like a full-time job, and the competition can be quite intimidating. Who has time to keep up with new features, research hashtags, take incredible pictures, think of clever captions, and NOW make videos? You’ve got a business to run and a life to lead. But, like we say in our courses and resources, failing to keep up with the trends and staying consistent can really hinder your ability to market yourself and right now, one of the best ways to get seen on Instagram is by creating reels! Lucky for you, we’re here to help! We’ve created a list of Instagram Reel ideas for professional organizers, so you don’t have to!

Instagram Reel Ideas for Professional Organizers

Our Top Instagram Reel Tips

  • Keep it simple—you don’t have hours to invest in creating just one reel, — so don’t! Oddly enough, we find our top performing reels are the ones we whipped up on the fly and took less than 15 minutes to create!
  • Use trending music—scroll through your reel feed and save the songs or reels that inspire you or are played often. A simple google search can also tell you which songs are trending this week. If it’s trending for others, you can catch that wave and get in on the views.
  • Short and sweet—reels under 15 seconds seem to do the best because, let’s face it, no one pays attention to anything these days! With the average attention span being just 8 seconds, and sometimes as low as 3 on social media, we need to grab our audience quickly.
Top Tips for Instagram Reel Ideas for Professional Organizers

Instagram Reel Ideas for Professional Organizers

So you’ve succumbed to the pressure of social media and have tried to create an Instagram Reel… but you’re fresh out of ideas. We’ve got you covered! Here are some of our top Instagram reel ideas for professional organizers:

Before & After Instagram Reels

People buy transformations — and lucky for us, that’s what we do for a living! Viewers LOVE to see how awful a space looked before you organized it and how amazing you make it look after you worked your magic.

Before and Afters make great reels for professional organizers

Hot tip: While the Instagram App will only let you add videos to your reels, using a secondary app, such as In-Shot, can allow you to add pictures and hold them on a screen for a few seconds, thus creating a video!

Product Recommendation Reels

People love buying things, and as an expert in an in-demand field, your product recommendations mean a lot. Share your top 3-5 products for a specific space or job. You can also break this out by store, sharing the best products from Amazon, Bed Bath and Beyond, The Container Store, etc.

Hot tip: Make sure you stand behind what you say. If you recommend it, you should have experience with it and KNOW it’s a quality product worth purchasing.

Hot tip: Create affiliate accounts with your favorite stores and share links to the products you recommend. You may just earn a few extra bucks and some new followers!

A few ideas…

  • The best products to contain crafts
  • The best canisters for a pantry
  • The best items to organize a kitchen
  • The best types of bins
  • The best organizing items for a master closet
  • The most essential items for a garage
  • The best products for a playroom
  • The best products to tackle paper clutter

Organizing Tip Instagram Reels

Quick and simple: Throw together a sentence or two with organizing advice or a simple way to solve a common problem. People will thank you for your efficiency and advice!

How to” Instagram Reels

How to organize toys, how to file fold, how to organize space in a small pantry, how to make a bookshelf look nice, how to decide what stays and what goes… all these (and so many more) are simple reel ideas you can share with your audience.

Reels Behind the Scenes

While those of us in the professional organizing field know it’s not all glamour and labels, most followers don’t know that, and they love to see behind-the-scenes shots of an organized space coming together.

Don’t just share a messy room, your reel here needs to be visual and exciting!

Reel Ideas for Professional Organizers

Solve a Problem on Reels

What’s a problem everyone has in their homes? Tackle it quickly and share. Tupperware, papers, and kids’ toys come to mind.

Reels on Why What You Do Matters

Most people don’t realize just how valuable a service professional organizing can be, but if you’ve got any experience, you know firsthand the relief and peace you can bring to your clients. Share this with the world! Don’t call out specific clients, but share a reel on how clutter and mental health are related, how much time having an organized home saves, and how clients feel after you take loads of donations off their hands.

Your Favorites

What’s your favorite bin? What’s your favorite labeling method? What’s your favorite work bag? What’s your favorite space to organize?

Instagram Reels Content for Professional Organizers

Reels to Avoid

While it may seem like any attention is good attention, it’s always best to stay on-brand. Occasional off-topic reels that share a glimpse into your life can be fun, but you’ll want to keep your content related to organizing (or whatever the theme of your account is).

While followers are fun, CLIENTS are actually who you should be speaking to. We’d recommend avoiding controversial topics, politics, and inappropriate subjects — would you hire yourself based on what you see in your reels?

Our Favorite Reel Ideas for Professional Organizers

Reels can intimidate and be time-consuming, but once you get inspired, they can be fun and a great tool for marketing your business.

As always, remember to be authentic and stay true to yourself and your brand! This is your business and your Instagram page! Don’t compare yourself to others—because you are one of a kind!

If these reel ideas for professional organizers inspired you or if you have other suggestions to add, we’d love to hear about them! Drop a comment below and let us know!

Instagram Reel Ideas for Professional Organizers
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